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Best Manufacturer For Flexible Led Light in Mumbai. We are one of the reputed manufacturer and supplier of LED HIGH BAY LIGHT. These LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS are used in commercial place, industrial shade.
T5 LED Tube Light Supplier LED tube lights are commonly to serve as a replacement light source for traditional fluorescent tubes. Practically every where , Fluorescent tube light fixtures are typically found and especially in offices, institutions, shops, garages and many other places.However, fluorescent lamp tubes may have certain disadvantages for instance a short life time, easily broken filaments, flickering light that triggers eye strain plus some ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, the ends of tube can easily turn black over time and thus restricting the light output.
LED Corn Lamps Manufacturer in Mumbai. LED Corn lamps are offered as easy replacement to PL and PLC - CFL lamps of low watts used in down lights / ceiling lights. Offered from 6W to High watts depending upon usage in Hi bay lights or Garden pole lights.
LED Neon Flex in Mumbai Neon Flex LED light will replace conventional glass tube neon lights and do more wonders in look . Create Any letters, sign boards with this LED Neon flex , architectural , aesthetic look to structures etc.